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"Amaras" tourist bower

The tourist bower is situated in the village of Chartar (Martuni region), which is considered one of the richest and the biggest villages of Artsakh.  Four-room cottage with all the conveniences, the rooms are double, by request there can be organized excursions. Among the sights of interest especially significant is the moanstry of St Elisha (Egisheh) of 5th c. and the House of Culture built in the image of Yerevan Opera House. Here is situated also  one of the most famous monasteries of Artsakh – the monastery of Amaras (5c.), and 2000 years old platan tree Tnjri.  


Tel: (+374 97) 29 40 41
Address: Chartar village, Martouni region, NKR.,
E-mail: Amaras_Inn@mail.ru

Updated: 12:31 April 08, 2016