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"Karasun kuys" tourist bower

The village of Badara (Askeran region) is situated in the picturesque canyon of the mountainous river of the same name and is famous for its centuries-long history and architectural monuments which are so many, that here the reserve was created. Among the most significant sights within the village is the monastery of Okhty Ekhtsi (seven churches) of 12-13 cc, Otskavank and Amenaprkich. Besides in the suburbs of the village there has remained many khachkars, ruins of the ancient villages and fortifications. Suffice to add to it the beauty of the surrounding virgin nature, thick forest and mountainous river and you will understand why Badara is one of the favourite places of rest among the Karabakhians.


Tel: (+374 97) 29 14 03.
Address: Badara village, Askeran region, NKR,
E-mail: Karasun_kuys@mail.ru

Updated: 12:31 April 08, 2016