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A sunny trip through Southern travel route of Artsakh
12:28 August 14, 2015
Today we will “take a trip” to the one of main travel routes of Karabakh. Most of the readers don’t know about special travel itineraries which were designed and are being developed by the Government now.
First Mulberry Festival took place in NKR
June 28, 2015
On June 27 the first Mulberry festival was held near Amaras monastery with great solemnity
During the 4 months of this year 20% growth of tourism was recorded in NKR: Sergey Shahverdyan
10:03 May 20, 2015
In the interview with Tert.am the head of NKR Government's department of tourism and historical environment protection Sergey Shahverdyan noted that during the 4 months of this year an increase of 20% was recorded ...
The day of organization of Artsakh «Toot Festival» has been approved
12:10 May 13, 2015
The first «Toot Festival» of Artsakh will be organized on June 27 in the territory of Amaras monastery...
Artsakh at "Made in Armenia Expo - 2015"
17:18 April 29, 2015
The activities of the NKR delegation are over at the exhibition “Made in Armenia Expo-2015” which took place in Yerevan 26-28 April this year...
April 18 is the International Day for Monuments and Sights
16:40 April 20, 2015
On April 18 International Day for Monuments and Sights was celebrated in Artsakh, which coincided this year with the 10th anniversary of Tigranakert expedition...
Artsakh was presented at the international tourism exhibition "In Tour Expo - 2015"
20:42 April 13, 2015
The activities of the NKR representation in the international tourism exhibition «In Tour Expo – 2015» which took place in Yerevan on 10-12 April, are over...
British Journal: Nagorno Karabakh populated with Armenians could become the new wonder of world
16:31 March 16, 2015
Armenian-populated Nagorno Karabakh could be the most unknown wonder of the world, the website of the British magazine “Wanderlust” writes...
Since this year the website Karabakh.Travel will include a trilingual affiche of social and cultural events in Artsakh
16:23 March 13, 2015
Various entertainment events are held in Artsakh more and more frequently during recent years. This increases the demand of being informed about the events...
From year to year Artsakh becomes more attractive to foreign tourists
10:26 March 05, 2015
In recent years, tourism sphere of Artsakh has recorded a significant progress. And the fact that Artsakh is a part of the international tourism already indicates of the great achievements in the field.
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