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"Wiki loves Armenia and Artsakh"
16:22 September 18, 2013
On 15 September the opening ceremony of the competition “Wiki Loves Monuments” was held in Shoushi...
World Tourism Day in Artsakh
18:10 September 17, 2013
This year the World Tourism Day will be oficially celebrated in Artsakh for the first time. The RMK Government’s department of tourism and historical environment protection...
“Meeting di Rimini” – S. Shahverdyan’s Press Conference
16:38 August 28, 2013
On August 28 S. Shahverdyan’s press conference took place at RMK government’s department of tourism and historical environment protection. The topic was the forum “Meeting di Rimini – held in Rimini, Italy, 18-24 August this year...
Number of foreign tourists to Nagorno-Karabakh grows rapidly
09:59 August 28, 2013
YEREVAN, Armenia - The number of foreign tourists visiting Nagorno-Karabakh is continuing to increase rapidly after substantial growth recorded in recent years, authorities in the Armenian-populated territory said on Monday...
The debut of Andrey Babayev's opera «Artsvaberd» will take place in Shoushi on 1st of September
15:42 August 26, 2013
Stepanakert, 24th of August: /novosti – Armenia/: The debut of Andrey Babayev's opera «Artsvaberd» will take place in Shoushi Real College open territory: says the press service of the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of RMK...
Artsakh is always ready to receive tourists
12:38 August 16, 2013
The role and importance of tourism in the development of RMK economy was mentioned many times. We are not the ones saying, that Artsakh is original and rather attractive for the tourists: thousands of foreigners, that have visited Artsakh, write about their impressions in their blogs and materials.
The Land of Artsakh Promises New Sensational Openings
16:37 August 13, 2013
The excavations of Hakobavank – hidden in the valley of Khachen have cleaned from the dust a chapiter. Archeologists say that it was built in the 4-5th centuries...
Tourists interested in Tigranakert of Artsakh
11:11 July 24, 2013
The city of Tigranakert, found in the result of the excavations carried out recently in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, has become one of the most favorite places for the tourists coming to Artsakh...
The article about Nagorno Karabakh published in "Global Post"
16:15 July 22, 2013
Here we present the article about Nagorno Karabakh of France Press published in Global Post website with some shortening...
The French tourist guidebook "Petit Fute"  devoted a separate chamber to Karabakh
17:51 July 02, 2013
The Mountainous Karabakh Republic is presentеd by separate chapter in sixth «Petit Fute» tourist guide for 2013...
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