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German “die Welt” about Artsakh

The leading German daily newspaper “die Welt” published an article with headline “A journey to the country which does not exist officially”, which is the notes of “die Welt” reporter Elian Ehrenreich about his stay in Mountainous Karabakh.

“No other country has recognized Mountainous Karabakh. It’s not a barrier for tourists. They will meet here wild views and hospitality. The author calls Artsakh “The Christian island in Muslim ocean”.

The author mentions not only Karabakh main road with its beautiful surrounding, but also the fragile cease-fire regime. Author says “this former enclave, which is from ancient times was inhabited with Armenians, Azerbaijan has lost two decades ago as a result of severe war”.

Speaking about the country he mentions that the region supposed to be in conflict and the number of annual visitors comes about the several thousand. According to her the main part of them originally is Armenians. Elian Ehrenreich presented two of them, now living in German Inna and Natalia Melumova’s.

Then the author is presenting the capital Stepanakert, which is according to him, is more cared and cleaner than Erevan. She tells about her impressions received from Karabakh people friendly welcoming and about a talk with some of them.

While talking with Karabakh people he didn’t only present information about Armenian culture and traditions to the German reader, but also discussed a question that who is more famous from Armenians: Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Arthur Abraham.

The locals noted about more famous Armenians, reminding that the singer Cher, tennis player Andre Agassi, air constructor Artem Mikoyan, the star Kim Kardashian are Armenians too. Of course Charles  Aznavour wasn’t forgotten also.   

At the end of article the author pictures how Germans can visit Karabakh.

It’s important to mention that Azerbaijan had reacted on this article and included the reporter Elian Ehrenreich in their notorious “black list”.

11:26 November 24, 2015