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Number of tourists grows by 12 percent in Artsakh

Tourism year in Artsakh can be considered as successful as 16 thousand tourists visited Artsakh in 2015. The number includes people who entered Artsakh via visa. The number does not include Armenian citizens or those having Armenian passports. Deputy minister of Economy of RMK  Sergey Shahverdyan told to "Armenpress" that the main tourist flow has been from the Russian Federation, followed by Europe and the USA.

We had some losses regarding tourist flow last year and we tried to fill the gap this year. It was connected with a number of problems, one of which was certainly the 5-day August ceasefire agreement violation. We tried to restore the previous years indicators and achieved 12% growth which is rather encouraging, Shahverdyan said. He emphasized that Artsakh is able to accept more tourists than it has accepted and that the country is provisioned both with infrastructures and hotels. 

Tourist destinations are renovated, the roads are in a normal state, and there are health centers in residences. There are all the commodities for the tourists to feel comfortable and safe,” Shahverdyan said, adding that the Artsakh Government had developed tour itineraries during the year, tourist destinations had been renovated. 

In terms of tourism development, Shahverdyan also attaches importance to the traditional festivals held in the country. Apart from the annual wine festival, Artsakh also has mulberry festival which was held in Amaras this year. Moreover, the Artsakh Governemnt also pays attention to the development of agricultural tourism. Eco-Village initiative is really significant in that sense. Both the Government and the investors are really hopeful about the latter. Shahverdyan noted that there are many tourists who visit Artsakh for the second time; they are attracted by hospitability, nature of Artsakh people, nature and unique cuisine. They leave Artsakh with Karabakh carpets in their bags.

15:00 December 17, 2015