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Tourism is growing rapidly in Karabakh

On December 24th the Deputy Minister of Economy of Artsakh Republic-Sergey Shahverdyan held a press-conference, during which the activities in the spheres of tourism and historical environment protection were presented.

Talking about the sphere of historical-cultural monuments, Sergey Shahverdyan noted that, the development program of historical environment sphere was mainly completed. Due to the budget archeological excavations in Tigranakert, Azokh cave and in the neither tomb-hill of Nor Haykajour village were carried out. In sphere of monuments restoration were implemented the fencing of “Tigranakret” historical-cultural reserve, the ceiling placement works of new found St. Grigoris tomb in Amaras monastery.

Restoration works were conducted with involvement of private sector, as well. So as a result of cooperation with “Rebirth of Eastern Historical Heitrage ” charitable foundation now has been restoring St. Mary church in Mushkapat village and the Iranian specialists carry out the restoration project of Shoushi Higher Mosque.

By the means of sponsors the Kataro monastery restoration works have been launched, and  the restoration of the frescos of Dadivank Cathedral church by the Italian experts effort.

Representing the tourism sphere, Sergey Shahverdyan mentioned about 13% growth of foreign tourists, which is very hopeful especially on the background of the last year 11% fall. In means of popularization and making of favorable image of RMK’s tourism, Artsakh representatives have participated in top exhibitions, festivals and forums in Armenia.

During the  “Artsakhian days in Moscow” was organized a meeting with Russian Federation travel companies, during which to participants were presented RMK tourism sphere and advantages of including Kharabakh in travel packages.

Artsakh travel potential was widely promoted in European mass media too, the articles were published in Italian “Corierre della Sera”, German “Die Welt” and British “Wanderlust” informational web sites.  Filmings of commercials about Kharabakh tourist attractions by broadcasting companies were organized in 2015.

During the program activities, as it was mentioned, registered a considerable increase of foreign tourists quantity and the extension of the average duration of tourist stay  4-5 days.

Emphasizing tourism positive impact on the  RMK’s social-economic and cultural life, Sergey Shahverdyan assured that the formation and spreading of attractive and safe image of Artsakh in target markets will be continued the next year as well.

17:30 December 24, 2015