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Tree planting in Tigranakert


A tree-planting event took place today in the Artsakh Historical and Cultural Reserve by a group of young people from a variety of different nations. The initiative is of special importance, especially in terms of the selection and tree planting participants, as almost 70 young people from all over the globe arrived in Artsakh to make their personal contributions to the preservation and landscaping improvement of teh reserve. The tree-planting in Tigranakert is a unique opportunity for Diaspora youth to become acquainted with the historical and archaeological significance of Artsakh’s Tigranakert region and to promote further development of the Reserve.


The State Service of Historical Environment Protection together with the the “Depi Hayq Foundation" were the initiators of the program which was also brought to life with the help of and the “Armenian Tree Project” company who are planning similar additional programs in the future.  


The Tigranakert State Historical and Cultural Reserve was established in 2008 on the  site of the ancient Armenian town of Tigranakert where archaeological excavations aimed at maintaining and preserving an abundance of historical and cultural riches are currently underway. Tigranakert is of exceptional archaeological, historical and cultural significance as the environment has become a unique natural oasis.  Landscaping activities, such as today's tree planting, will only help to contribute to the Reserve and further maintain its status as one of Artsakh's most important and unique tourism destinations.


11:50 October 17, 2016